SOSI: Publishing website

Once you have finished building your website in 2MExpress, you are able to publish the complete website to your hosting account. Included in your published website is simple navigation, and a search engine optimized file structure so your pages get seen by web visitors.


Your site can be published to any hosting provider that supports FTP (file transfer protocol). This is usually a standard features of all free and paid hosting accounts, so it is likely your web host supports FTP.


If you have not already entered your FTP login information during the 2MExpress setup, you may still do so. The information you will need is the following:


·        FTP Server Address

·        FTP Port

·        FTP Username

·        FTP Password

·        Folder inside FTP to publish to


To enter this information into 2MExpress, click the icon in the Express Bar, and click “Publishing Settings” on the left hand side of the popup.
To publish
Once you have entered in your FTP information into 2MExpress, simply click the  icon in the Express bar to publish.


Once you have published your site

After you have successful published your website, you will be returned to the page you were working on prior to publishing. On every page of your published website, you will find the {edit} icon (bottom right) that allows you to edit the page in 2MExpress.

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